Sunday, May 27, 2012

This is NOT a nail blog.

But I didn't get the memo, so here's a nail polish post.  : P

I am completely and unabashedly head over heels in love with nail polish.  I have maybe 70 blogs devoted entirely to nail polish saved in my bookmarks.  I visit them all the time.  I blame this on Pinterest.  The obsession started with THIS polish.  And specifically that post.  Please don't fall in love with that polish.  It is impossible to get.  It's a brand (indie polish maker Lynnderella) who can't possibly fill all the orders she gets.  You have to send a wish list in to a certain online company and then my case I'm still waiting on it to be filled and it's been over two months.

But anyway.  The good news is I have plenty of other polishes to keep me crazy.  Uh I mean occupied.  So I shop at Sally's, Walgreens, Walmart, Etsy, and Facebook.  Yeah that's right.  You can get polish anywhere....just like crack.

So the only "me time" I've had over the last month or so has involved polish.  And since I've made a ridiculous number of trips to the pharmacy over that same time period--my stash of polish has grown exponentially. Some day I'll post a picture....

Today I had got all excited when a particular mani turned out how I wanted, so I had to post it.

I saw a polish I loved by another indie polish maker Candeo Colors called Jellybean.  HERE's a link to what it looks like.  I know, right??  Unfortunately it's another impossible to get polish.

Fortunately, I also follow ::whimsical ideas by pam:: on Facebook.  Now she has so very many polishes I love that when I was cooped up in my room with only my laptop and fever to keep me company....I ordered five of them.  They arrived this week!

So yummy.  Last week I wore Kee-Wee for my oldest daughter's field day at school.  Today I layered three   polishes to make this...

It looks like that Jellybean polish a little.  Well enough in my book.  Now keep in mind that IRL the nails don't look streaky.  Also I know that my middle finger got a little too much Essie Marshmallow on it.  Speaking of that.  Here's the colors I used.  {Orly Spark, ::whimsical ideas by pam:: Hatched, and Essie Marshmallow}  In that order.  And a top coat of Seche Vite.

Anyway.  That's what's keeping my occupied these days.

ETA: You really have to click on the pictures and enlarge them to see that gorgeous polish!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Unexpected Haitus

Well the crafting wagon is on hold for a bit.  My 4 year daughter just spent the weekend in the hospital battling pneumonia.  We are back home (where I am fighting a fever myself).  So until we get our household all back to normal and back on track...

Hope to see you soon-