Friday, June 29, 2012

Crochet Scarf {and my CTMH haul}

Well, I can imagine it seems like I've just been sitting on my behind not getting anything done.  But contraire!!  I did crochet a scarf for a friend in the hospital, and I did manage to order some scrapbooking goodies!!

Let's talk about the scarf first.  Just look at this yummy yarn.  It's Yarn Bee Danielle "camino".  A beautiful heathery ombre...

I had intentions of making a prayer shawl for my friend, but time and yarn constraints changed those plans.  So instead I opted for a prayer scarf.  I found the scarf pattern on Ravelry.  Here's the LINK to the free pattern.  I had just a bit of a problem working the border, but I did my own thing and I think it worked out pretty cute.

It's one of those scarves that looks all curly when it hangs around your neck.   I was really excited about this and can't wait to do another one.  Here's a picture of it laid out flat. 

So now.  On to the CTMH haul.  Since June is THE time to buy stamps I had to load up on those.  (Buy two get one FREE for the month of June 2012).

Here's a dinosuar set (D1505 Roar!) that I knew I had to get for my son.  He is so into them right now. And the alpha set (E1023 Varsity Alphabet) I just fell in love with because it looks like collegiate letters and I was envisioning all the graduation, monogram, and birthday cards I could make.

Now looking at the next two sets you think to yourself  'is she planning a cross country motorcycle ride?'  but the answer would be no.  I just think that US map (D1503 Adventure USA) will come in handy sometime and dad has a bike (C1483 Born to Ride) so I know there will be pictures of the kids on a motorcycle to scrapbook soon.

These next stamps are just so fun and versatile.  I may use the wreath stamp (C1473 Remarkable Wreath) in my Christmas cards this year.  And the little tire swing hanging from a tree??  Stop it!  So cute.  (D1467 Trees and Things)

Now this is a Workshop-on-the-Go kit.  These are a really great way to get some paper, embellishments and a stamp set for a really great price.  And I ADORE the little seahorse and turtle in this set.  (G1036 Footloose WOTG)

I saw these adhesive-backed pearls and nearly squealed.  They are a quick and easy way to add a little something special to a layout or card.

I have been pining for some baker's twine for a while now.  It's all over the place and when I saw that CTMH carried it I was in scrapbooking heaven!!

Last, but not least, I ordered inks in all the colors that CTMH has come out with since I left them last time.  Lovely lovely colors!  I can't decide my favorite, but I love Lagoon and Pear SO much!

Can't wait to dig in!!


  1. I love the scarf! AND the CMTH. Everything I see I want.

  2. Neat scarf. Did it take long to put together? I was able to order some stamps, and can't wait til the new idea book comes out.
    Ya know, I always take my stamps out of the pack and turn them around so you can see more of them without the snap being in the way. The logo is sometimes in the way, but more is visible on the front. Lately I have started cutting off the snap flap altogether. I can get more of them in the My Acrylix organizers and in my drawers. just like to share ways that work for me. :-)

  3. Leslie the scarf was pretty quick...maybe 3 hours, but once you get the pattern memorized it's very easy! Oh and cutting that tab sound like an awesome way to save space--it's always hanging on something! But I don't know if I'd be brave enough lol!