Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Lemon Meringue Pie!

My dad makes THE best lemon meringue pies.  They are very tart and sweet.  And he grows his own lemons!

Well this weekend he brought a bounty of lemons (and oranges and grapefruit) to my house and then said, "Hey want to make some lemon pies?"

Sure I want you to make some lemon pies.  ;)

So he did.  And I happened to think--what a great scrapbook page this would make.  SO I quick grabbed my camera and starting snapping pictures. (Scrapbook page is not done, but I wanted to share the photos...)

I have to say.  Mirielle followed us around all afternoon begging us to 'please can we make the lemon pies now?!!'

'Please can we make the pies now??'

So we finally started and first comes the crust.  I took lots of pictures.  Mostly because I just wanted pictures of my dad's hands.  :)

Okay and now came the FUN part.  Squeezing the lemon juice.  Mirielle was in heaven!  Dad said to her "push on that lemon like you own it."  And she gritted her teeth with a huge smile on her face and said "I do own it!"   I laughed so hard!

Delaney got in on the action too!

Then we baked the crusts.

Then there was some mixing, whipping, cooking, stirring, and baking again and then next thing I know....

Sorry there was a LOT going on and I lapsed on the picture taking.  :)  If someone wants the recipe you can ask for it in the comments and I'll post it.

Hope you all are having a good week!

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