Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Today I had a little time and thought I would play around with some watercolor pencils.  CTMH offers a set of 24 pencils that coordinate with the color palette, and they also have the watercolor brush.  I used them and a wonderful new stamp called Card Word Puzzle (C1494).

First I stamped the image I wanted with Bamboo ink.

Next I used the orange pencil to color the image.  I colored darker around the edges and lighter in the centers of each petal.

Finally I used the Waterbrush to paint the image.  Much like those fun watercolor books you used when you were a kid!

So easy!  Then you can cut it out if you want and add it as a popped up embellishment to a card or layout.  I also did a flower with a lighter touch of color.  Here's the pencil colored in using a light hand.

And here's after the Waterbrush....

You can see how subtle it is.  {My picture-taking skills are lacking today!}  CTMH cardstock is great for this technique because it holds up well to the water.  Hope you play around with this technique--it really is fun.  And it makes you feel like a true artist!

Until next time,


  1. This is really pretty! Thanks for sharing it!!!

  2. I agree. Just found your new site and am bookmarking it!

  3. I like this! I'm very interested in CTMH and scrapbooking. Love crochet btw. I'll be checking in often.