Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Convention Re-cap {part one}

Chantilly Ballroom, Saturday

Well I am back at home!  What a whirlwind adventure!  I have to say that I really enjoyed getting to meet so many people so intent on sharing CTMH with friends!

And seeing all the exciting new products was not too shabby either.  ;)  For this post I wanted to focus on the people and the place.  First, the people.

Here's a picture of me, my upline Lisa Stenz and my new friend Susan.

Susan, Me, Lisa (L-R)
I have to say these women were just so sweet!  Lisa is a real jewel and I am so thankful to have her as an upline.  And Susan is just as wonderful.  As newbies, we helped each other find our way around and keep each other company.  We also are keeping in touch so we can bounce ideas off each other.

The following picture was taken at the Awards Banquet on Friday night.  Lisa received awards and was also appointed to the 2012 Advisory Board.  A great big Woo-Hoo to her!!

Paige, Me, Noelle, Christine, Vanessa, Lisa, Lisa, and Susan (L-R)

Now for some pictures around the hotel.  It had an Asian theme.  And I couldn't help but feel like a tourist in a museum carrying my camera around and snapping pictures of the artwork.  Here's some shots I got....

little heads that I first thought were bugs

figurines carved in what looked like 'pink' jade

the amoeba...it changed colors and shape, hung from the top of the atrium

giant elephant!

angry art 

kind of haunting

really haunting

good to know the hotel doesn't support mao

in the garden

a huge statue
Next time I'll post about some new products!

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  1. Hey Mere, great photos. Glad to see you connected with Lisa. Isn't she great? I keep thinking that when and if we ever get out of the financial difficulties we are in and I can once again buy scrapping products I might sign up under Lisa. I imagine she is a great up-line to have. Next year's convention is only two hours away from me - Dang!!!