Saturday, July 7, 2012


I have wanted for some time now to make a light box to take pictures of my cards in.  I pinned several tutorials from the web.  I mushed together the easiest box possible and over the last few weeks (yes it took that many weekly trips to the grocery store to remember all the supplies) I managed to gather all the's the box.

It wasn't too hard to make, but I really don't want to make another any time soon.  Haha.

This is how the first pictures were turning out....

I was hugely disappointed.  I tried several different ways to take the picture and nothing was working.  Until I added muslin over the top hole.  It diffused the light and made it so much better.

I got so excited that it was working that I pulled out some other old cards to try them....

Well now all I need is some cards to take pictures of!!

PS These cards were all made a couple of years ago with various product lines.

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  1. oh man, looks so good, that I am going to want one now. grins.