Monday, July 30, 2012

Crazy Nails!

Here's a new mani that I only wore for a little bit.  It started out all "cool let's call this one firecracker nails" and ended kinda "looks like a slammed a hammer on my nails."

You're kinda anxious to see them now, aren't ya?

I was going for the reverse of glitter on the tips.  And I was going to do one nail, but then I thought it looked so neat I did all of them.  Then I wore it for a few hours and every time I caught sight of my nail I did a double take.  They looked a little too Halloween.

Here's the formula:  one coat Orly 'Spark', one coat Princessa 'Picking On Waikiki', accent with Sally Hansen 'Rockstar Pink'.

See ya later,

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